Product List

Magnetic Lock

The magnetic locks are compatible with our electronic locking systems and fit many door types.

Options of the magnetic lock
We offer a wide selection of attractive finishes, interchangeable handle styles, and latch mechanisms.

All-Weather Lock: Whatever The Weather
The All-Weather magnetic lock was designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and is compatible with any of the Electronic Locking Systems. Resistant to the humidity and salinity of coastal environments, as well as sand, dust, heat, cold, rain and snow, this specially designed lock incorporates a unique finish and can operate in a full range of temperatures. Our All-Weather Locks are designed to meet the challenge of any environment, no matter how hot, cold, or wet it gets.

Auto Deadbolt: Automatic Protection
Unlike regular mortise locks, our Auto Deadbolt automatically extends a 1-inch/25.4mm deadbolt into the door frame when the door is closed. This feature operates with all Onity e-locks and can be easily added to existing locks. UL approved for fire doors, this lock includes an internal fusible link. Give an extra layer of protection they don't have to think about.

Latch Mechanisms
Our Latch Mechanism options include extra long high security deadbolt, security deadlatch, and privacy and anti-panic functions. Mortise and Mortise with Auto Deadbolt designed to ANSI Grade 1 standards.

Hotel Door Electric Deadbolt

  • Offering a locking mechanism with one deadbolt locking into the side door frame and the other into the upper door frame.
  • Provider of door knobs, locksets, deadbolts, lever handles, and bathroom hardware at direct pricing.
  • Produces door hardware including locksets, deadbolts, handlesets and leversets, since 1904.
  • Hotel Door Electric Latch

  • Specialist in original restored antique house and furniture hardware. Online catalog with items such as door locks, hinges, knobs, latches, hooks, and cupboard latches.
  • Manufacturer of latch protectors, guards, and other door hardware.
  • Solid wood doors and crafted leaded glass.
  • Hotel Door Electric Lock

  • Manufacturer of rolling door, security, remote control system, electric lock, infrared sensor, rolling door UPS, microcomputer car alarm system, wireless central lock system, microcomputer motorcycle alarm system, automatic door.
  • Manufacturer of door exit hardware, electrical door control products and accessories.
  • Programmable electric keypad and spring-loaded door - GunVault, Mini Vault or Multi Vault safes.
  • Hotel Electric Security Lock

  • Manufacturer of electromagnetic locks and electric strikes.
  • Manufacturer of Electronic Locking Devices such as drop bolts, magnetic locks, electric strikes for the security industry.
  • Offering electronic locks and safes with multiple systems for any size hotel. Available features include, wireless check-in, energy management, wireless network control and Bluetooth technology. Features 24-hour service and online sales and quoting.
  • Magnetic Lock