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RFID Electronic Lock

Improving Aesthetics and Ease of Use Without Compromising Security

RFID electronic lock combines all the aesthetic options of the modular, design-centric lock with the security and reliability of contact-less RFID technology. Since no physical contact between the card and the reader is required, the RFID electronic lock eliminates the need for users to swipe keycards, making authorized access quicker and more convenient.
The many technological benefits of RFID electronic locks can help you achieve a new level of security, convenience and operational efficiency for your property. This newest generation of our locking platform combines proven reliability with a fresh new aesthetic design to meet the needs of the most demanding environments.

Standards based technology
Compatible with multiple form factors
Provides multi-use capabilities
Proprietary security encryption
MiFare® and NFC compatibility (running in MiFare emulation mode)
Leverages lock hardware
Easy upgrade - less than 5 minutes per door

Security Features
Engineered for optimum security, the RFID electronic lock can be used with confidence by both system administrators and users. The system employs multiple levels of encryption, including our unique proprietary extra encryption, in order to maximize both security and peace of mind.

NXP Crypto-1 Encoding of Cards
Proprietary "Look Ahead" Technology
New Card or Token Cancels Existing Card or Token
Certifications and Standards
FCC & CE certified
UL10c certified for 3 hours
ISO14443A and ISO14443B (part 4) compliant

RFID electronic loc Options
A wide selection of attractive finishes, interchangeable handle styles, and cover plates allow you to seamlessly blend electronic locks into the overall aesthetic design of your property.
Cover Plates
We offer a selection of attractive cover plates that are ideal for retrofit projects. Customized cover plate designs can also be developed upon request.
Latch Mechanisms
Our Latch Mechanism options include extra long high security deadbolt, security deadlatch, and privacy and anti-panic functions. Mortise and Mortise with Auto Deadbolt designed to ANSI Grade 1 standards.
Auto Deadbolt: Automatic Protection
Unlike regular mortise locks, our Auto Deadbolt automatically extends a 1-inch/25.4mm deadbolt into the door frame when the door is closed. This feature operates with all e-locks and can be easily added to existing locks. UL approved for fire doors, this lock includes an internal fusible link. Give an extra layer of protection they don't have to think about.

Technology Features
The RFID electronic lock utilizes the MiFare Classic technology, which has become a worldwide security standard. The system may be used with 1k, 4k and Ultralight tokens, and is ISO1443A and ISO14443B (part 4) compliant. We write to sector 1 of 1k and 4k MiFare cards, which allows facilities to use the same card for additional applications. The RFID electronic lock is also compatible with MiFare Ultralight cards.

Standards-based Technology
14443B (part 4)
Multiple Form Factors Available for Tokens
Easy Upgradeability (Upgrade Kit Available)
Less than 5 Minutes per Door

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  • Manufacturer of Electronic Locking Devices such as drop bolts, magnetic locks, electric strikes for the security industry.
  • RFID Electronic Lock