System and Software

RFID Elevator Controller

    System and Software

    Description Be-Tech's RFID elevator controller is designed to fit into elevator panels and operated offline. The elevator controller is fully compatible with BIS Hotel, and will enhance the security level for the hotel, as only guest with valid keycard will have access to the elevators.

    Certification: EN50133_CE, EN61000_CE, EN62479_CE, EN62479_CE, EN301489_CE, IEC60950, RoHS


    1. Modern and flat design reader, less drilling work on elevator panel
    2. Available to limit access to floors according to each guest and staff keycard's authority
    3. 8 relay outputs board with extendable feature, suitable for the high-rise hotel
    4. Selectively to limit access to floors or limit to elevator's button panel
    5. Fully compatible with BIS Hotel

    Technical Parameter

    Floors Relay boards Max. current Max. Voltage Relay box
    1~8 1 Piece 1A 30V DC
    9~16 2 Piece 1A 30V DC 1 unit
    17~24 3 Piece 1A 30V DC 1 unit
    25~32 4 Piece 1A 30V DC 1 unit
    Each relay board contains 8 relays.
    Each relay box can install 4 piece relay boards.

    Dimension(H x W x D)

    RFID reader 90 × 55 × 8,5 (mm) 3,54 × 2,17 × 0,33 (inch)
    Relay box 370 × 230 × 72 (mm) 14,57 × 9,06 × 2,83 (inch)

    Each complete unit consists of:

    1. RFID reader with front control case
    2. Relay board
    3. Dust proof cover
    4. 1.5m three-core cable
    5. 4m six-core cable
    6. Relay box in black steel (*)
    7. 5m three-core cable (*)
    8. 16m six-core cable (*)
    (*) only for the elevators with more than 8 floors.
    Additional relay boards must be ordered in addition if needed.

    We have been a high quality saler of elevator controller in China for more than 20 years. With long year experience since our establishment in 1992, the hotel elevator control system made by Be-Tech is certain to offer you reliable, flexible and valuable security solutions.