Electronic Residential Lock

iButton Lever Set - 23B

    Electronic Residential Lock

    Description 1. Digital Lever Set Lock, Lever Lockset
    2. i-Button key & Mechanical Key
    3. 60/70mm Adjustable Backset Tubular Latch
    4. Silver


    1. Various access
    Be-Tech 2313B lever lockset has two different access solutions, i-Button key or Mechanical key providing convenient use.
    2. Operation status notification
    The LED indicator informs you whatever happens through any operation by blinking and displaying different colors.
    3. Tubular latch locking mechanism
    High quality jimmy proofing tubular latch with international standard.
    4. Automatic locking
    Door lock will be re-locked automatically after it’s been opened for a few seconds.
    (Manual operation is also available)
    5. Missing key invalidation
    The lost key will lose its validation as long as you re-register the rest keys.
    6. Low battery warning signal
    Once there is a continuous "beep" sound during door access, it means you should replace batteries.
    7. Mechanical key override
    In emergency, you can unlock the lever lockset by using a mechanical key.

    Technical Parameter

    Model: 2313B
    i-Button: MAXIM DALLAS DS1990A
    Capacity: 255
    Type: Tubular Lock
    Mechanical Key: 4 Dual pin bump proof, 3pcs
    Material: Stainless steel, Zinc alloy
    Size (W x H x D): Front body: 65mm × 98mm × 22mm
    : 138mm × 136mm × 80mm (With Handle)
    Back body: 63mm × 136mm × 21mm
    : 138mm × 136mm × 63mm (With Handle)
    Lockset: Tubular latch (60/70mm Backset)
    Door Thickness: Applicable 35mm to 50mm
    Power: DC 6V (AA Alkaline battery, 4pcs)
    Battery Life: Approximately 18 months
    (Average 10 times per day)

    We have been a high quality saler of lever lockset in China for more than 20 years. With long year experience since our establishment in 1992, the digital lever lockset made by Be-Tech is certain to offer you reliable, flexible and valuable security solutions.